The Sioux City Explorers have been a community-minded organization for over 20 years. As part of our efforts to bolster the Sioux City community and surrounding areas, we're proud to offer Explorers baseball as a fundraising tool for all sorts of organizations. The Explorers have two different fundraising options in 2015, selling individual tickets to a specific game or selling undated ticket vouchers to any 2015 X's home game. Both are great ways to help your organization, whether it is a baseball or softball team, school group, non-profit organization, church group or special cause. Unlike other fundraising efforts, the people buying your tickets will be able to not only support you, but have a great time at the Sioux City Explorers baseball game! The Sioux City Explorers will donate a portion of the proceeds back to your organization. To participate in this program, you need to commit to as least 50 tickets. The reserved tickets will be consigned to your organization based on your sales expectations. The Sioux City Explorers will reimburse your organization after all the tickets have been accounted for and all the money has been turned in.

Option #1:


This fundraising opportunity involves selling Explorers Reserved tickets to a specific home game, and in return, your organization will raise funds for your cause. This option grants your organization to have a 'Night Out at the Ballpark', in which you can also gain awareness for your organization or cause. You will need to let us know in advance for which game you want to reserve your tickets. After the tickets have been sold and the money has been collected, all money and any unsold tickets need to be turned into the X's no later than one week prior to your event.

Option #2:

This fundraising opportunity involves selling Explorers undated vouchers good for any home game during the 2015 season, and in return we will help you raise funds for your organization or cause. This options grants those you sell to the flexibility of selecting which game they would like to attend throughout the season. An end date will be set on selling these undated vouchers at which time all money and any unsold tickets will need to be turned into the X's.

Organizations will be reimbursed as follows:
50 - 149 Reserved Tickets Sold - $1.50 reimbursement for every $10.00 ticket sold
150 + Reserved Tickets Sold - $3.00 reimbursement for every $10.00 ticket sold

The Sioux City Explorers know how to put the FUN in Fundraising, and it is both easy and profitable!


As an added bonus, your organization has an opportunity to earn great Explorers rewards! Every fundraising level you reach includes the chance for one lucky member of your group to receive a great prize from the Explorers. All prizes are per organization and not per person.


Tickets Sold          Prize
100                         A representative throws out a ceremonial 1st pitch
200                         Sioux City Explorers team autographed baseball
300                         Sioux City Explorers team autographed bat
500                         12 tickets for an X's Luxury Suite for one game during the 2015 season
1,000                      An exclusive post-game autograph and photo session with X's coaches and players

*Luxury Suite and signed memorabilia may be donated back to the organization to be raffled off for further fundraising efforts. Luxury Suite does not include food or beverage*


If you would like to partner with the X's to help raise awareness or funds for your organization, please email us at or call us at (712) 277-9467